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 What to Expect: Surgeries

COVID Update

Surgeries are performed in the mornings, Monday through Friday.  Prior to any anesthetic procedure, we recommend a blood profile for pets under the age of 7, and require it for pets 7 years of age or older.  A technician appointment can be made any time prior to the surgery (within 30 days) and we can send the samples to the Antech laboratory getting a little more information for the same price, receiving the results prior to the surgery day.  We can always run lab work the morning of a surgery in clinic and have the results prior to the surgery.

For surgical patients, we ask that they are fed no later than midnight and all food and/or treats are picked up at that time the night before surgery, however, they can have water.

When you drop-off your pet, a Hospital Admission Form and Surgery Authorization Form should be filled out with as much information as possible, including any questions or concerns you may have and any additional procedures to be performed while under anesthesia.  An estimate will be provided and the low end will be required at the time of drop-off.

Your pet will be placed in a size appropriate kennel in ICU with a blanket or towel and litter box for cats (unless otherwise directed by the doctor).  All personal items will be labeled or placed in a box just for them.  A name band will be placed on all pets and  a cage card with their name, the reason for the visit and any alerts will be on the kennel to identify them

When preparing for surgery, a small section of hair will be shaved, usually on one or both of the front legs, where the catheter will be placed.

Dental cleanings and other simple surgeries (like minor tumor removals, skin biopsies, etc.) are performed first and will be discharged later in the afternoon where the surgery will be discussed and any instructions given.  Spays, neuters or other more involved surgeries are kept overnight and will be discharged the next day after 10:00am.  Patients who are critical after surgery, will be transferred to the Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic for monitoring overnight.

 Any additional services (like tooth extractions) will be authorized by you prior to performing.

Please call 503-585-1616 or click the button below to schedule a surgery.