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When you have to leave your pets for any reason,  you need that peace of mind knowing that they will be taken care of.  At OVVC it is our goal to treat your pets as close as we can to the way you treat them–with individualized walks, Activity Sheets to make sure they are eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and getting their medications.  And know that if any problems arise, there are doctors on staff.

Canine Boarding

While boarding your dog at our facility, you can be confident that we will keep your pet comfortable. With three different kennel sizes plus the run boarding, we can assure that your pet’s needs are met. We provide bedding and regular, individualized exercise and play times in our outdoor, enclosed exercise run. We also provide Royal Canin dry food. If your pet is on a special diet, we will feed your provided food at no extra cost.

Feline Boarding

Your cat will love boarding at our facility with a view just for them. The Cat Condos are arranged to allow for outside viewing or privacy per pet preference. We provide bedding, Royal Canin dry food (or will feed your provided food at no extra cost), and regular interaction with our dedicated staff members.

Canine Boarding Feline Boarding
DHPP* (Distemper/Hepatitis/Para-Influenza/Parvo)
within 3 years

within 3 years
Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough)
within 6 months

FVRCP* (Rhinotracheitis/Calicvirus/Panleukopenia)
within 3 years
within 1 year for recombinant or 3 years for non-recombinant


*Within 3 years after initial series and 1 year booster, as according to current AAHA and AAFP guidelines.
Based on ages and lifestyles of your pet, some vaccines may have shorter requirements.  Please check with a staff member if you have any questions.

All animals must have documentation of vaccinations done by a veterinarian.  Any vaccines needed at the time of drop off will be given at the owner’s expense.

Canine Boarding:

Run Boarding- $38.00
Run Daycare- $29.25
Large Kennel Boarding- $27.75
Large Kennel Daycare- $22.25
Medium Kennel Boarding- $25.00
Medium Kennel Daycare- $18.50
Small Kennel Boarding- $21.25
Small Kennel Daycare- $16.00

Feline Boarding:

Loft Boarding- $21.25
Loft Daycare- $13.25
Townhouse Boarding- $26.00
Townhouse Daycare- $21.25


TLC, 1 additional 10 minute playtime (up to 2 additional/day)- $6.25
Bath (by weight and breed) includes TNT and AG – $35-$110
Conditioner- $5.50
Dremel add on with Bath- $14.75
Toenail Trim (TNT)- $27.50
Toenail Trim with Dremel- $36.50
Anal Gland Expression (AG)- $26.00
Capstar- $9.75-11.57
Medicating per Administration- $3.50