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Our clinic is by appointment, so when you bring your pet in for the first time, we will schedule you for an hour long appointment, subsequent visits are usually for a half hour.  A receptionist will escort you and your pet into an exam room to minimize the amount of time spent in the lobby.  Larger dogs will have their weight taken in the lobby, smaller dogs and cats will have their weight taken with the smaller scale in the room.  A New Client Form or New Patient Form should be filled out.

The technician will take your pet’s history, asking questions about lifestyle, diet, medications, and any concerns.  With that information, the technician will go over the recommended well care and give you an estimate for the recommended services.  The temperature, heart rate and respiration rate will be taken. 

The doctor will then perform a complete physical exam, listening to the heart and lungs, looking at the eyes, ears and mouth, checking the skin, coat, nails and lymph nodes and palpating the abdomen.  Any concerns will be addressed and the doctor will discuss any additional treatments that may be recommended.  Vaccines and deworming will usually be administered in the exam room, other treatments will be performed in the treatment area.

The entire exam will be typed, saved into your pet’s chart and emailed as a .pdf form.  You will then be sent to the receptionist to be invoiced out and schedule any subsequent appointments.

Please call 503-585-1616 or click the button below to schedule an appointment.