Welcome to the Orchard View Family!
We understand that seeing a familiar face can put both animals and people at ease.  We do have some new members and are pleased to introduce our wonderful staff, so you can get to know us.


Veterinary Assistant

Anna has been at Orchard View since June 2018. She enjoys making rings and hanging out with friends. Anna has 3 dogs: Bella (German Shepherd), Hank (Pitbull mix), and Kona (Golden Retriever). She is
currently going to Chemeketa full time for general studies.


Veterinary Assistant

Aubree joined our staff September 2020 as a Veterinary assistant after working at an Animal shelter, Veterinary Hospital and a Dog Board/Training facility. She has 3 dogs: Sheeba Ann, (American Pitbul terrier), Axel (Siberian husky), and Doobie (American bulldog Pitbull mix). She also has a cat name Callie. Aubree enjoys taking her dogs on hikes/walks, spending time with friends & family, reading, and expanding her Veterinary knowledge. Her goal is to run her own dog rescue one day.



Brittany started at Orchard View back in November 2021 as one of our receptionists. Her hobbies include shooting, going to the beach, and doing crafts with her kids. Brittany has a black lab named Macy and a bunny named Marshmallow.


Veterinary Assistant

Corey is our Assistant Manager who also assist our doctors with surgeries, and he has been at Orchard View since June 2021. Corey has 3 dogs: Frank (Australian Shepherd), Koko (Pitbull mix), and
little Roux (Maltipoo mix). He also has a Frog named Rana, a Tortoise named Tortuga and 2 Guinea Pigs (Daisy and Daffodil). Corey’s hobbies are hiking and Botany. He is currently in undergrad majoring in Applied Biological Sciences, and he plans on applying to Vet school.


Practice Manager

Elizabeth is Orchard View’s Practice Manager and has been a part of our team since July 2021. She has 3 dogs: Allie (shepherd mix), Zoey (Pitbull mix) and Dani (American Pitbull terrier). Elizabeth’s hobbies include hiking, backpacking, camping, snowboarding, hunting, and reading.


Animal Caretaker

Emma is our full time Animal Caretaker who has been at the clinic since July 2021. Emma has a Anatolian Shepherd Magnus (Maggie) and 2 cats Freya and Finn. Her likes include cats, reading, sleeping, video games, sewing, swimming, writing, reading, and playing the bass. Emma’s Veterinary goal is undecided, but she is positive she wants to work with animals.


Veterinary Assistant

Esmeralda is another full time Veterinary Assistant who has been at Orchard View since August 2021. Her hobbies are hiking, cooking, and photography. Esmeralda likes to volunteer as much as she can,
especially at an Equestrian facility during the summer. She is currently in school with the hopes to become a Certified Vet Technician.


Veterinary Assistant

Jenn is a part time Veterinary Assistant who has been filling in for a few months. Jenn has 2 dogs: Remi a black lab and Yondu who is an Australian Cattle dog. Jenn’s likes and hobbies are anything in the outdoors- Camping, fishing, hiking and spending time with friends and family going on spontaneous adventures. She is enrolling in the Penn state foster CVT program to become certified.


Animal Caretaker

 Jessica is a part time Animal caretaker who joined our staff June 2021. She has 2 dogs: Ezra (husky mix) and Bambi (shih tzu mix). Her hobbies are going on walks, hiking, and spending time with her pets at the dog park. Jessica recently graduated from Washington State with a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and a minor in Forestry & Bio and her goal is to eventually work with wildlife or with the Forest Service.


Veterinary Assistant

Sarah has been a part of our team since March 2022. She likes hiking, taking her dog, Bentley (Shi tzu), on walks, and cooking. Sarah also has 2 cats: Kiki and Puss. Her veterinary goal is to gain more experience as she continues to assist our doctors with surgeries.



Alexa has been a part of our team since March 2022. She enjoys reading, video games, dinosaurs, sharks, and most importantly, cats. She has four cats (Thei, Akantha, Morpheus, and Zora), one dog (Roxy-Roo), one bearded dragon (Daedelus), and one rehabbed squirrel (Pan). She is working on becoming a licensed professional counselor to help veterinary professionals have a good support system.



Sam is a full time receptionist that Orchard View has had the pleasure of having for 6 months now. Her pets include: Shiva the kitty and Spencer who is a bearded dragon. Sam enjoys art, reading, hiking, meditating, tarot reading, doing riki and being with family.  Sam’s Veterinary goal is to learn more about pet healthcare, hopefully to be able to help in stressful/ emergency situations while staying calm.

Sarah B.


Sarah is a full time CVT who joined our team in May 2022. She likes coffee, green tea, and pasta as well as dolphins, the coast, and Paris. She enjoys collecting cards and spending time with her kids and husband. Sarah’s last pet was a Pit bull named Dallas. She is looking to learn as much as she can in the veterinary field and maybe adventure into becoming a veterinarian one day.



McKenzie joined Orchard View back in February 2022. Her hobbies include reading, art, spending time outdoors with her dog, Oggi (Rottweiler), and going to the beach. McKenzie is also a part time hairstylist. Her goal is to create a stress free/welcoming environment and help provide the best care for animals.


Veterinary Assistant/ACT

Steven is a part time Veterinary Assistant who helps in the Animal Care taker department and he has been employed at Orchard View for 6 months. Steven has a cat named Jasper. His hobbies/ likes include: Basketball, TV/ Movies and Video games. He is currently in school and is goal is to become a Veterinarian.