Dental Products

Best to Brush.  The C.E.T. Finger brush includes a soft pliable fingertip toothbrush and a sample pack of poultry flavor toothpaste.  Simply place the finger brush over your index finger, apply a small amount of toothpaste on the bristles and rub across the outside your pet’s teeth, making sure you get the premolars and molars in the back, the canines and the incisors in the front.

Start them young, getting puppies and kittens used to brushing so they are more likely to let you continue as they get older.
OVVC carries multiple flavors of toothpaste, malt, seafood, and poultry, to keep your pet coming back for more!

Time constraints and pet’s willingness to allow brushing can put a damper on brushing teeth.  In these cases, OVVC recommends rinsing with a pet specific rinse.  Again, as with brushing, it is only beneficial if done daily.
Better to Rinse.  OVVC carries two products to use as rinses.  Both are safe for your pet to swallow.  The Nolvadent Oral Cleansing Solution can be used by lifting your pet’s lips and spraying the solution on the gums and teeth.  The C.E.T. AquaDent is a drinking water additive.  Simply add the specified amount (determined by weight of your animal) to their drinking water, making sure to replace with fresh treated water every 24 hours.  Both of these products help facilitate the removal of plaque and food debris.  As with brushing, once plaque has solidified into tartar, it is best removed with a dental cleaning.
Dry kibble is always better for pet’s teeth.  Chewing the harder food helps to keep the plaque off of the teeth.  Treats like Greenies, dry pet ‘cookies’, or specialized chews, chew toys, like nylabones, kongs, or ropes can also help keep teeth free from tartar.

Good to Chew.  Royal Canin Dental DD is a specifically designed diet that facilitates dental health for both cats and dogs.  The Sodium tripolyphosphate binds salivary calcium, preventing the plaque from forming into tartar.  The texture and shape of the kibble provides a gentle abrasive effect on the teeth during chewing.  This action provides a brushing effect to reduce the accumulation of plaque.  There is even a specific diet for dogs under 22 pounds called Dental DS for Small Breed.

Enzadent Oral Care Chews combine enzymes found naturally in your pet’s saliva with the natural abrading action of beef hide to remove food debris before becoming a problem.  The chews come in four different sizes to fit your pet’s mouth size.  Sizing is very important for two reasons; one: if the chew is too small your pet can eat it whole without chewing, therefore defeating the purpose of the chew, two: if the chew is eaten whole, it can cause a blockage in your pet’s digestive system which can lead to serious health concerns.